The South Wales Central Coroner's Office

The Office Support Staff

The Coroner has a team of support staff based at his office in Pontypridd. This team will assist the Coroner in the preparation of forms and paperwork and arrange inquests, provide copies or reports, etc. These are the people you will speak to when you contact the office (see below for contact details).

Who's Who in the South Wales Central Coroner Area

As this is a particularly busy jurisdiction, covering a large geographical area, we have both a Senior Coroner and an Area Coroner to provide a continuous service.  We also have a team of Assistant Coroners to cover absence.

His Majesty's Senior Coroner: Mr Graeme Hughes

His Majesty's Area Coroner: Mrs Patricia Morgan

Assistant Coroners: Dr Sarah-Jane Richards, Ms Rachel Knight, Mr David Regan, Mrs Gaynor Kynaston, Ms Kerrie Burge, Mr Andrew Morse and Mr Gavin Knox