Will there be a jury?

At most inquests, there is no jury and the Coroner decides the case on his own.

However, occasionally a jury is needed.  This will happen if your relative died in custody, or if their death was linked to their own or someone else's actions while at work.   The Coroner may also decide to use a jury in other cases because he feels it would be helpful or there is another good reason.  If there will be a jury at your relative's inquest, your Case Officer will let you know well beforehand.

Whether or not there is a jury will not make much difference to how the inquest runs.  You will notice the jury in court while all the witnesses give their evidence.  At the end of the inquest, instead of the Coroner giving the conclusion  himself, he will give the jury a choice of possible conclusions and they will select the one they feel best fits the facts.