Court Diary

These pages show the inquests that are listed for hearing in the next month or so.  Complex / Jury inquests that are expected to last longer, and are arranged well in advance, are also shown on a separate page.

It is possible that if an inquest is listed at very short notice, it may not appear in the online diary.  Cancellations with short notice may also not appear.  If you are concerned that an inquest for a relative of yours does not appear, or if you are coming to observe and want to check the hearing is going to proceed, you are welcome to contact the office on the numbers provided on the How to contact the Coroner and the Coroner’s Officers page.

The Coroner's Court is an open court and members of the public (including members of the press) are entitled to attend should they wish.  We ask all visitors to be sensitive to the needs of the bereaved family - please read and comply with the requests in the online guide to visiting court.