Expert Witnesses

This page is for experts who have been instructed by the Coroner to provide an independent opinion report.  Doctors who have treated the patient in life or otherwise been involved with the case should see the page for medical witnesses.

Thank you for accepting instruction to assist the court as an expert witness.  After you have submitted your report, the Coroner may also ask you to attend the inquest hearing to give oral evidence.  One of his officers will contact you to check your availability and agree a date.

How to find us:

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We will reimburse you for all reasonable travel expenses including taxi fare from the nearest station.  If you are travelling from some distance and wish to fly and/or stay in hotel the night before or after the hearing, please contact the office in advance to agree this.  You will need to keep all receipts. 

Presenting your findings:

The Coroner will ask you to present a summary of your main findings.  When doing this, please be mindful that the deceased's family will probably be present and be prepared to explain in layman's terms.  You may also be asked questions by the family and other properly interested persons or their legal representatives.  If you are asked something outside the scope of your expertise, it is completely acceptable to say so.


You will have agreed your fee with the Coroner when accepting instruction.  The court will pay your reasonable hourly rates for attendance, travel and preparation.  You can claim this and your travel expenses by submitting your own invoice; please ensure it shows your hourly/daily rate and the duration of your attendance.  Please attach any relevant receipts.