Visits for research or professional development

The Coroner and his team recognise the importance of education and practical work experience for training the next generation of doctors, nurses, lawyers and other professionals.  We regularly welcome observers to inquest hearings and, depending on the Coroner's diary commitments, may offer the opportunity to meet him or one of the Assistant Coroners.

Request to observe case:

Almost all of our inquests are held in open court, so in theory visitors could simply turn up and observe cases.  However, we ask you to pre-book your visit to help our planning and to ensure that you get to see a relevant case for your area of study.

If you would like to arrange a one-day observation visit, please contact the office by email to  and let us know:

  • Who you are
  • Which organisation you are working/studying with and your subject area
  • Dates over the next month you would be available to attend

We will then email you back confirming that you are booked in on one of the dates you suggested.  If there are a group of students from one course, we are happy for one person to arrange the visit for themselves and their colleagues.  We can usually only take groups of up to 4 people due to the size of the courtroom.

Arriving at the inquest:

We will ask you to arrive 15 minutes before the start of the first inquest.  Please dress smartly out of respect for the family of the deceased person.  If you have academic or workplace photo ID, please bring it.  You will have chance to go out to a local cafe for lunch.  The court day usually finishes between 4.00pm and 5.00pm.  If you need to leave before the last case finishes, it's fine for you to slip out discretely.

Work Experience:

If you are interested in a longer period of work experience, please submit your CV and a covering letter and the Coroner will review it. 

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